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Councilman Corey “Eat Another Twinkie” Orgeron

Ascension’s Dwelling Rule Constitution designates the District Legal professional as “the parish lawyer to the governing authority, parish president and all parish departments, places of work and businesses.  However, if the governing authority (i.e. the Parish Council) decides that the parish would be improved served by a independent full time parish attorney, it may perhaps create these types of a posture or office and supply for its organization and features by ordinance…”  For a quarter century the parish operated within these parameters without the need of too considerably difficulty then District 4 elected Corey Orgeron.

A certified legal professional (proof beneficial that the Bar Test is a nominal competency test), Orgeron possesses just enough means to embarrass himself and stroll his colleagues into one buzz observed soon after a further in mix with that other Prairieville council member with a law license…

When Councilman Aaron Lawler supports any initiative proposed by Orgeron it should give each individual taxpaying citizen pause.  Throughout Thursday’s assembly they lobbied tough for the Council to employ its have authorized counsel, a placement currently budgeted in the sum of $60,000 but hardly ever filled.  The impromptu pseudo-dialogue came just after Councilwoman Teri Casso puzzled about acquiring obtain to abilities of regional lawful titan, Jeff Diez, whose current $60,000 agreement was up for renewal on Thursday’s Consent Agenda.

Casso objected to its inclusion there, but no opposition arose to the agenda item taken up as a Basic Business product:

Approval of the renewal of deal amongst Jeff Diez and the Parish, to offer lawful advice, advisory opinions, counsel and lawful support to the Parish President, and the staff members and directors of the Government Business office on an as-desired, on-get in touch with continuing foundation. This is not a deal about or determined by any unique or particular matter. The charge at $175 per hour for a overall not to exceed amount of $60,000.00 (Jean Paul Robert, Parish Lawyer) Finance Committee Recommendation

Even though it was agreed that the language would be improved to reflect Council obtain, Corey Orgeron was unhappy.  To hear him explain to it:

“Two-and-a-50 % several years I’ve been concerned that we’re putting our attorneys into a place in which there is a conflict.  Frequently there’s a disagreement between the administration and this council.  And we’re working with the exact same legal professional to suggest each the Council and the administration.”

Which is not precisely legitimate because two Assistant District Lawyers (Kenneth Dupaty for the Council and Jean Paul Robert for the administration) are on the position.  Equally finally answerable to DA Ricky Babin, there have been scenarios when the DA’s Office environment bowed out of a controversy.

“There’ve been various conflicts there’ve been several conflicting thoughts,” Orgeron ongoing.  “It generally rises alone up, back to Mr. Babin…He’s the closing say but he can’t signify both the Council and the administration when there’s a disagreement.  And, nevertheless, we’re placing ourselves in that posture each and every time we ask a lawful opinion.

This council requires to make a dedication as to seek out its personal independent counsel…and prevent subsequent the steerage of lawyers that are positioned in a conflict of fascination position.,” Orgeron opined, claiming to have “spoken with the Bar Affiliation pertaining to this challenge.”

Given his previous performance in representing his own shoppers, it would be astonishing if that is the only point Orgeron has spoken to the Bar Association about.

“Goodness is aware of this council and the administration have long gone to blows a number of times…

Interview of President Clint Cointment being interrupted by Councilman Corey Orgeron. June 2021

We will need to back off of that and we require to have individual representation.  It can’t be the bifurcation of having Kenneth (Dupaty) and Jean Paul (Robert)…one supporting us, another just one helping the other simply because it nonetheless pyramids alone back up to Ricky Babin.”

The a lot more long lasting alternative will come on Oct 14, 2023 when Orgeron and, we suspect, Lawler are turned out of workplace by their constituents.  Until finally then, the Charter does pay for the Council the ability, “In particular matters (to) keep specific attorneys to depict the parish or perform particular duties subject to constraints imposed by the statutes of (Louisiana).”  Would the selecting of a lawyer answerable to the Council on an “as-needed” foundation comport with that language?

The Charter goes on enumerate “The Parish Attorney’s” duties which consists of the provision of “legal assistance to the president and the governing authority when requested…”

“I entirely concur with Corey,” came the unavoidable reply from Aaron Lawler.  “In reality, If I remember appropriately, we put it into the budget…$60,000 for Council authorized charges.  So, we have it in the budget this year…All we actually have to go out an do is decide on some counsel.  We may possibly not use that $60,000, we may well use it all.  But which is for us to decide. What I would advocate that we do, nevertheless is, inside of the up coming 30 days we, as a council, draw up a foundation as to how we’re likely to attain legal views from our counsel.

We cannot all of us, be contacting this particular person inquiring concerns.  We’d operate up a invoice like that,” he concluded with a finger snap visible demonstration.  “My advice is that we really don’t make it a vast majority-type factor.  It can be a minority of men and women due to the fact you have to secure minority rights…So I would say as couple of as three or 4 folks on the Council could ask for an view.”

Too several to suit the third lawyer on the Council, Travis Turner expressed a preference for each person member acquiring the potential to get lawful tips even however he does not “think there is a difficulty with the District Attorney’s business office furnishing legal guidance for both of those.”  Turner would not resort to outside counsel right up until the Council and administration arrive to an deadlock, a rather widespread prevalence because January 2020.

Unmentioned was Write-up 2-82 in Ascension’s Code of Ordinances.  That ordinance establishes the “professional companies assortment committee” tasked with recommending contract recipients.  Paragraph C reads, in pertinent portion:

Qualification for overview. Any deal for skilled or expert get the job done, involving any department, company or commission of the parish which would end result in a cost in the total of fifty thousand pounds ($50,000.00) or much more, shall be awarded based mostly on the recommendation of the qualified solutions choice committee.

When trying to get to avoid outside input past its management and however seek the services of their desired firm…

Lawler firm’s $49,900 deal eliminated from Finance agenda

the “Not to Exceed” total is uniformly a tick down below the $50,000 threshold, a time-honored exercise in Ascension Parish.  Our favorite…

What does it charge to employ Meyer Engineering for a splash pad in AP? $49,900, logarithmically speaking

transpired in the Recreation Division towards the finish of the previous council’s tenure.  A extensive-awaited splash pad driving Dutchtown Library nevertheless has not been built, but we digress.

Assuming the Council will get its individual counsel, the place does that go away the administration?  President Clint Cointment voiced that problem at the finish of Thursday’s deliberations.




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