Good Afternoon, News: New Seasons Hires Trumpy Law Firm, Fleet Week Returns, and Emotional Anti-Gun Testimony on Cap Hill – Blogtown

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Hellooooo, SAILOR! The annual Fleet Week floats back into Portland today.

Hellooooo, SAILOR! The annual Fleet Week floats back into Portland today. Courtesy Rose Festival

GOOD AFTERNOON, PORTLAND! After a GORGEOUS day today, showers will possibly return to the Portland area tomorrow afternoon with a high of 71. Now let’s dip into some NEWS!



• Today in “YUCK!”: In their continuing efforts to break up TWO union-organizing efforts at their stores, New Seasons has hired a law firm that has a lot of experience with union busting… like with some of Trump’s companies. (Not… a good look.) Our Alex Zielinski has more!

• Speaking of Trump-related shitheads: Controversial ex-Sheriff David Clarke—who has spoken out against the Black Lives Matter movement, wants to defund schools instead of cops, and fraternizes with the Proud Boys—has been chosen to speak at a conference of Oregon school resource officers…. which is like, a TERRIBLE idea, right? (Apparently a lot of people agree.)

• “Vancouver City Council bans protests outside elected officials’ homes.” Huh… wonder how well that will hold up in court?

• Behold! This is probably the first Disney film ever to show anal. It’s the gorgeously gay Fire Island (now screening on Hulu) and Matt Baume has the delicious review.

• Not related, like AT ALL: Fleet Week in Portland is underway, and here’s the schedule of when you expect those long boats full of seamen.


• Today lawmakers in Congress heard emotional testimony from child and adult survivors (as well as mourning family members) in a bid to FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY create gun legislation that will stop the constant and senseless barrage of mass murders—though don’t expect Republicans to be convinced of anything, ever. (Except their own self-interest, of course.)

• According to officials, an armed man (gun, knife, zip-ties) showed up near Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house and intended to kill him for his far-right views on abortion and more. He has been charged with attempted murder.

• In an election result that does not bode well for progressive district attorneys across the nation, San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin has been recalled after a heated citywide debate over supposedly ballooning crime rates. (FACT CHECK: While murder rates have certainly risen during the pandemic, across the nation other non-violent crimes have decidedly NOT. So, as always, be wary of lying Republicans and panicky Democrats.)

• While Facebook has done immeasurable damage to media outlets… “Change in Facebook’s algorithm gave big boost to GOP groups, research finds.”


• And finally… congratulations, you’ve made it through Wednesday. As for the rest of the week, stay determined. Like this pup, YOU CAN DO THIS.


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