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To the Editor:

“As Politicians Cry Crisis, Migrants Get a Toehold” (information posting, July 15) factors up the irrationality of the U.S. immigration system. As this article shows, migrants are keen to perform, and they are filling considerable gaps in fields these types of as development and meals supply, but there are however excellent unmet desires for property health aides and nursing assistants.

The most important rationale for this disjunction lies in federal immigration regulation, which presents no committed visa slots for these occupations (as it does for gurus and even for seasonal agricultural and vacation resort personnel) for the reason that they are regarded as “unskilled.”

As an alternative, the law stipulates, applicants must display that they are “performing function for which certified employees are not readily available in the United States” — clearly a complicated job for individual migrants.

As a result, several do close up doing the job in fields like house health care but without documentation and are thus susceptible to exploitation if not deportation. With appropriate reforms, our system would be able of conference the two the country’s requirements for necessary workers and migrants’ needs for safe havens.

Sonya Michel
Silver Spring, Md.
The author is professor emerita of historical past and women’s and gender reports at the College of Maryland, University Park.

To the Editor:

We have refugee doctors and nurses who are driving taxi cabs. What a waste of expertise that is needed in so quite a few locations of our nation.

Why isn’t there a system to use their expertise and skills by performing with healthcare associations to qualify them, primarily if they agree to do the job in components of the country that have a scarcity of physicians and nurses? It would be a acquire-get problem.

There are possibly other professions where identical ideas would work.

David Albenda
New York

To the Editor:

Re “Officers Voice Problems About Intense Ways at the Border in Texas” (information article, July 20):

In the past calendar year, I have completed immigration-connected legal perform in New York Town with lately arrived asylum seekers from all around the globe: Venezuela, China, Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador and Ghana. Most entered the U.S. on foot by means of the southern border. Some spent weeks traversing the perilous Darién Hole — an unforgiving jungle — and all are fleeing from horribly violent and terrifying cases.

Texas’ barbed wire is not heading to halt them.

I am struck by the concept of the mayor of Eagle Move, Rolando Salinas Jr., who, supportive of legal migration and orderly regulation enforcement, said, “What I am in opposition to is the use of methods that damage folks.” I desperately hope we can all agree about this.

There should really be no spot for immigration enforcement techniques that deliberately and severely injure men and women.

I was disturbed to study that Texas is hiding razor wire in dim drinking water and deploying floating razor wire-wrapped “barrel traps.” These products of Gov. Greg Abbott’s xenophobia are cruel to a staggering diploma.

Noa Gutow-Ellis
New York
The author is a legislation university intern at the Kathryn O. Greenberg Immigration Justice Clinic at the Benjamin N. Cardozo College of Regulation.

To the Editor:

Re “U.S. Alleges Force at Trump’s Club to Erase Footage” (front webpage, July 28) and “Sudden Impediment Delays Plea Offer for Biden’s Son” (front site, July 27):

With Donald Trump campaigning to return to the White House when beneath felony indictment, and with Hunter Biden’s lawful saga unresolved, there ought to be bipartisan incentive in Congress for proposing a constitutional amendment limiting the president’s pardon ability.

A proposed amendment should provide that the president’s “reprieves and pardons” power less than Report II, Section 2, shall not apply to offenses, no matter whether fully commited in office environment or out, by the president himself or herself the vice president and cupboard-stage officers any human being whose unlawful carry out was solicited by or intended to reward any of these officers or a shut household member of any of these persons.

Stephen A. Silver
San Francisco
The writer is a attorney.

To the Editor:

Outside of asking “Where’s my Roy Cohn?” Donald Trump may perhaps now check with, “Where’s my Rose Mary Woods?”

David Schubert
Cranford, N.J.

To the Editor:

Re “Our Oppenheimer Minute: The Creation of A.I. Weapons,” by Alexander C. Karp (Opinion visitor essay, July 30):

Mr. Karp argues that to defend our way of daily life, we ought to combine synthetic intelligence into weapons methods, citing our atomic might as precedent. Nonetheless, nuclear weapons are sophisticated and complicated to create. A.I. abilities are application, leaving them susceptible to theft, cyberhacking and information poisoning by adversaries.

The chance of proliferation over and above foremost militaries was appreciated by the United States and the Soviet Union when banning bioweapons, and the similar applies to A.I. It also carries an unacceptable possibility of conflict escalation, illustrated in our current film “Artificial Escalation.”

J. Robert Oppenheimer’s legacy presents a distinct lesson when it arrives to state-of-the-art typical-reason A.I. programs. The nuclear arms race has haunted our earth with annihilation for 78 yrs. It was luck that spared us. That race ebbed only as leaders arrived to realize that such a war would wipe out humanity.

The same is correct now. To endure, we have to understand that the reckless pursuit and weaponization of inscrutable, almost certainly uncontrollable superior A.I. is not a winnable just one. It is a suicide race.

Anthony Aguirre
Santa Cruz, Calif.
The author is the govt director and a co-founder of the Upcoming of Daily life Institute.

To the Editor:

Re “Vegans Make More compact Mark on the Planet Than Others” (news short article, July 22):

Though I agree that people could assist decrease greenhouse-fuel emissions by feeding on crops only, I find it very important to take note that food items coverage is the principal reason for weak meals possibilities.

Foodstuff choices comply with food stuff coverage, and U.S. meals plan is centered on meat, dairy, fish and eggs. Our substantial network of agriculture universities operate “animal science” plans, furnishing billions of dollars’ well worth of training, public relations, investigate, experimentation and gross sales for animal items.

Our federal government gives subsidies to the meat, dairy, fish and egg industries significantly over and above what fruits, greens and other plant meals acquire. Federal and point out agriculture officers are normally related to the meat or dairy sector. The community pays the cost of animal factories’ contamination of h2o and soil, and of widespread disease linked to taking in animals due to the fact human beings are purely natural herbivores.

No surprise the meat, dairy, fish and egg industries have so much cash for marketing, marketing and advertising and community relations, maintaining individuals deceived about their biological character and what is superior for them to consume.

David Cantor
Glenside, Pa.
The author is founder and director of Responsible Guidelines for Animals.

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