Maryland law firm launches spanish digital campaign to find Rachel Morin’s suspected killer

Your Tuesday afternoon news update (9/12/2023)

Your Tuesday afternoon news update (9/12/2023)


BALTIMORE — A Maryland law firm is launching a digital campaign directed toward the Hispanic community to help generate leads that might help investigators find the person who killed Rachel Morin.

That decision was made after firm staff realized that members of the Hispanic community in Harford County were unaware of the details surrounding Morin’s death.

Harford County Sheriff: Suspect in the Rachel Morin murder on path to becoming a serial killer


Morin’s body was found along the Ma and Pa Heritage Trail in Harford County on August 6. A major break in the case came when the Harford County Sheriff’s Office released a video of a possible suspect.

The suspect is a man who is linked to a home invasion and assault on a young girl that happened on March 26 in Los Angeles, California.

Now, the law firm of Rice, Murtha, Psoras, which represents the Morin family, is launching a digital campaign that leverages “various online platforms and communication channels to ensure that Spanish-speaking individuals in Harford County, Maryland, and Los Angeles, CA, are informed about the incident.”

The site features a headline reading: “Can you help identify this individual?” with photos and a video of the suspect included. 

The site details Morin’s death and provides information on how to contact authorities with any tips. 

The firm said in a press statement on Tuesday that its law team has “reason to believe that individuals within the Hispanic community may have valuable information that could aid in identifying the suspect.”

The law firm said that “that language should never be a barrier to justice.”

Matthew McMahon, the father of Morin’s oldest child, told WJZ earlier this month that he had hired criminal profiler Pat Brown to help solve Morin’s murder.

Unfortunately, the video of the suspect does not show that person’s face.

Brown compiled five potential traits of the suspected suspect killer. She believes he has psychopathic traits.

Brown suspects that the killer knows someone in Bel Air if he traveled there from California. It’s possible that he lives or works near the Ma & Pa Heritage Trail.  

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