Germany’s immigration authorities accused of ‘anti-Palestinian repression’ | Migration

The twin Palestinian brothers thought they were being regular young pupils in Germany.

They attended student activities for Palestinians who needed to research medicine in Germany, experiencing sitting down about the campfire with new pals.

1 at times went to a local mosque, supporting to clean plates at the end of Ramadan, but put in more time volunteering at a church supporting refugees.

They timed their vacations to coincide with a Palestinian convention operate by a United Nations-consulting NGO, being with spouse and children and buddies and applying this as an excuse to see unique cities in Europe, like Milan and Copenhagen, scarcely attending the conference.

In excess of the very best part of their ten years in the European nation, A and O, 28, who did not would like their entire names to be presented out of dread of authorized effects, felt integrated and were being executing properly in their studies and at perform even though studying to learn the challenging German language, but one thing was not pretty proper.

O, then a pharmacy pupil, gained a puzzling letter in 2017. He was no for a longer time permitted to operate, leaving him in authorized limbo. He did not hear anything else for several years, right up until he took the initiative to cellular phone up the inside ministry in his house condition of Hessen.

‘Security concerns’

The civil servant sounded puzzled, but this established issues in movement. A couple yrs later, each brothers were being separately invited to speak with immigration authorities about “security concerns”.

They ended up subjected to extensive security interviews that they identified as “an interrogation”, more than 50 % of which was invested speaking about their views on the Center East conflict.

They spelled out the Palestinian perspective patiently to the authorities. The brothers have mainstream, liberal Palestinian views, seeking a tranquil democratic coexistence between Palestinians and Israelis and rejecting violence.

They criticised the Hamas motion to their interviewers and even recognised Israel’s “right to exist”, a controversial framing that numerous Palestinians reject, as it is generally used to argue that there will have to be a Jewish the greater part in the state and therefore, Palestinians less than Israeli rule should not have equivalent legal rights.

The brothers been given related letters in May from the immigration authorities rejecting the extension of their visas and initiating deportation processes.

A shed his task as a end result. The letters despatched to them do not match his recollections of the job interview.

“They confiscated my opinion and projected their very own imaginations onto it. They selected just about anything and slash it so that it in shape their prejudices, not to my statements or views,” he reported.

Amongst the justifications supplied for deportation was attendance at Palestinian neighborhood situations these kinds of as PalMed Students, the student occasion exactly where they have been taught how to use medical products, and briefly attending the conferences for the Palestinian Return Middle, as very well as professional-Palestinian Facebook responses.

Pro-Palestine rally in Berlin
People today with Palestinian flags protest in entrance of the Reichstag throughout a go to of Israeli Primary Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Berlin [File: Steffi Loos/AP Photo]

The two Palestinian nationals “having professional-Palestinian sympathies” and a “one-sided, Palestinian perspective” ended up pointed out in context as safety threats.

O’s “delayed” recognition of Israel’s “right to exist” was provided as evidence of this, as well as his assert that several Palestinian assaults versus Israel ended up reactions to Israeli actions.

“It’s about intimidating Palestinians. The qualifications for all of these items is the strategy from the safety expert services, that if we comply with Palestinians’ Facebook functions, they’ll be intimidated,” says O.


The paperwork acquired by the brothers, which have been viewed by Al Jazeera, are contradictory. Just one was explained to that becoming a lengthy-term member of the humanitarian organisation PalMed was proof of currently being versus the liberal democratic get and showed sympathy for Hamas.

The other was advised that the membership of PalMed Germany could not be employed as evidence for assistance for Hamas, simply because the group is worried with humanitarian professional medical assist in the Gaza Strip.

“Membership alone in PalMed does not always establish a membership of Hamas or supporting its terrorist pursuits,” reported the letter to A.

The paperwork also misrepresent regular Palestinian expressions to make them sound politically serious.

It is frequent for Palestinians to simply call all of those people who die in the conflict, together with civilians, “martyrs”. The document indicates that due to the fact just one of the brothers applied the phrase on Facebook, they assist violent assaults on Israel, even with his assurances to the opposite.

Attending a mosque after each handful of months was thought of “against the elementary democratic order” since of alleged connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, which there is no proof A understood about.

Although the authorities admitted the brothers clearly show no evidence of Islamist beliefs, confusingly they made use of A’s statement that he disagreed with the Muslim Brotherhood as evidence that he knew about a link concerning his area mosque and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Another Palestinian, who also preferred to continue being anonymous, was asked about their viewpoints on the Center East conflict in a citizenship application: “Due to the point that the Palestinian and Israeli peoples do not [have] a peaceful co-existence, with regard to Israel’s special relationship with Germany, I would like to check with you the place you stand on this. Remember to give a brief prepared statement.”

They are still waiting around for the final decision.

‘Unfounded allegations’

Criminologist Christine Graebsch, a law professor at the University of Used Sciences Dortmund, sees the accusations versus the brothers as legally unconvincing.

She explained to Al Jazeera that “distant connections to Palestinian organisations are talked about as alleged evidence of clandestine support for Hamas … but these connections are not tested, only stated”, whilst “wordings or symbols in Facebook posts that stand for a instead standard Palestinian view” are “framed as radical inside the German context”.

“From my practical experience, courts will later override these unfounded allegations of the protection and migration businesses,” Graebsch stated.

However, she included, “this can take many years of extensive authorized function and getting expert witness unbiased of the stability authorities’ aspersions” and can trigger the brothers important difficulties this sort of as deportation, prohibitions to work and stringent infringements on civil liberties.

As a law firm, she has managed equivalent scenarios herself and sees a “system” in place exactly where diverse migration authorities use equivalent arguments to make migration and integration much more tricky for Palestinians.

“It’s incredibly strange what’s going on. I discover it appealing that they were being requested to give their recognition to the condition of Israel, not just ‘pro-Palestinian views’ – this has nothing at all to do with dangerousness and also goes much beyond the expectation to take the German structure – which is what the law is about,” Graebsch reported.

The European Legal Guidance Center, an advocacy team for the Palestinian bring about in Europe, mentioned: “We see right here how deportation conclusions are manifested on solely racist and absurd premises. In our preliminary evaluation, these cases existing even more evidence of how regulation is abused and circumvented, as desired, to enact this anti-Palestinian repression by point out authorities.”

They issue out that these two conditions are just the idea of the iceberg.

“As legal professionals offering legal support to advocates for Palestine in Europe, we have dealt with dozens of scenarios of unfounded accusations and limits of individuals’ basic legal rights, only on the account of getting Palestinian or supporting their struggle for justice,” the group stated.

Palestinian activist and filmmaker Rashad Alhindi argued that the German state was in search of to ban professional-Palestinian activism from the general public sphere, pointing to bans on demonstrations in Berlin.

“Just staying Palestinian seems to be a issue in Germany for specific authorities.”

A agent of the Hessian govt explained: “We do not make any political statements or assessments to press organs.”

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