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To the Editor:

Re “On Immigration, Biden Need to Out-Trump Trump,” by Thomas L. Friedman (column, May 17):

A few cheers for Mr. Friedman’s lucid dialogue of the murky matter of immigration. His investigation is regular with the following propositions, which I take into consideration to be self-evident:

1) We have the appropriate to control who enters our country, and our political leaders have a accountability to be certain border stability.

2) We have a moral responsibility to be as generous as we can in welcoming men and women from close to the world who come to us mainly because of intolerable situations where by they dwell.

3) The variety of persons in these kinds of intolerable conditions vastly exceeds our capacity to soak up all of them.

4) Because of this, we want to put boundaries on the range of needy men and women we settle for into our nation.

5) The limits we spot really should strike a acceptable stability involving our self-fascination and our compassion for people who are suffering.

James P. Robinson

To the Editor:

Re “Who Will get In? A Guidebook to America’s Chaotic Border Rules” (news post, May well 17):

The stop of Title 42 and the new asylum limits build a next-class standing in the U.S.

Though the Biden administration features a “humanitarian parole” possibility for asylum seekers from decide on nations around the world, that is simply permission to perform for two a long time, with no pathway to permanent lawful standing. Like DACA, it makes indefinite uncertainty.

For many years, American values have been centered all over family members and neighborhood. We have to redefine the reason of our immigration system to strengthen our communities in line with these core ideas.

As an immigration attorney and a senior software director at Capital Location Immigrants’ Rights (CAIR) Coalition, I’ve worked with about a thousand immigrants at danger of deportation. Based mostly on our details, for every single grownup in detention, there are 1.5 small children divided from their mothers and fathers.

Those are horrifying prices of relatives separation. But there are methods, these kinds of as the Fairness to Liberty Act of 2023, which would set up the universal correct to authorized representation for individuals dealing with deportation.

Lawyers are not the comprehensive solution. Lawmakers will have to legislate fairness and relatives unity in our globalized planet.

Kelly White

To the Editor:

Re “How Biden Blew It on the Debt Ceiling,” by Paul Krugman (newsletter, May possibly 16):

With respect to Mr. Krugman’s hand-wringing about President Biden “negotiating” in excess of the debt limit, anxiety not. All the blame for the effects of default will go to Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his caucus. Mr. Biden understands this, so why not deny them the potential to afterwards argue that he refused to communicate?

Mr. Biden’s only two decisions were being to unilaterally jettison the personal debt limit — by minting a coin, invoking the 14th Amendment, or whatever (which probably would have offered our craven Supreme Court docket the closing say) — or to observe the Republicans both cave at the final minute or experience the political repercussions of their harmful route.

If Mr. Biden provides Mr. McCarthy a chance to save confront, all the improved politically for the president and for the financial system. That’s why we elected him.

Pete Kopsco
East Montpelier, Vt.

To the Editor:

“Republicans Want to Use the Debt Ceiling to Inflict Cruelty on the Very poor,” by David Firestone (Viewpoint, May 18), evidently outlined the history and information pertaining to present-day and proposed perform specifications for aid plans.

We need to not ignore a fundamental actuality: If individuals, whether working portion time or in any other case, have been paid out an precise residing wage, then the have to have for companies these as Medicaid, food stamps and welfare would be dramatically curtailed.

A robust residing wage would minimize the dependence on the federal government that Republicans so resolutely condemn. And it would persuade staff to find work, an additional Republican chatting issue. If Republicans supported that initiative, they would succeed in supporting the needy slice the apron strings of governing administration dependency they abhor and set far more folks back to get the job done.

So, why never Republicans advocate for a little something that allows remedy the troubles they continually rail in opposition to?

Michael Stout

To the Editor:

Re “Ailing Senator Also Sustained Mind Swelling” (front web site, May possibly 19), about Dianne Feinstein, who is 89:

Just one of the horrible matters that transpires when you get really aged is that denial replaces common sense.

What this significantly admired senator desires is a robust voice to persuade her it’s time to stop. Her fellow Democrats would be doing her a valuable services if, as a physique, they persuaded her to give up her combat.

It is heartbreaking to see her this way.

Anne Bernays
Cambridge, Mass.

To the Editor:

Re “‘Superstar’ Cities Reduce Luster as Educated Workers Tire of Costs” (The Upshot, May possibly 15):

The drain of educated staff from obscenely expensive towns like New York and San Francisco will remodel the a lot more conservative states they transfer to. I’ve seen it occur.

My partner and I remaining Long Island 35 decades in the past for Georgia’s position sector. We acquired a home in Decatur — which was like a ghost city — for $95,000. Given that then, an influx of educated young professionals with meager graduate university student financial savings have turned Decatur into a energetic, wonderful city.

These usually-liberal immigrants helped transform deep-red Georgia in 2020-21, electing Joe Biden and two Democratic senators, flipping the Senate.

The drain of youthful, educated, normally progressive personnel from unaffordable towns could assist the country as a whole, as they move to less expensive, ultraconservative spots, little by little modifying the political landscape. At the minimum, they’ve brought on a boom in espresso outlets and dining places.

It is a selection in between living in cramped, degrading disorders, or taking pleasure in fantastic housing and currently being ready to manage to have kids. Which is a no-brainer.

Karla Jennings
Decatur, Ga.

To the Editor:

Re “In Conflict, Genuine Heroes Continue to be Guiding,” by Farah Stockman (Opinion, Might 15):

I thank Ms. Stockman for honoring the brave Sudanese physicians who have stayed — for some, at the price of their life — to assist their fellow citizens caught in the crossfire.

The media’s emphasis on the evacuation of diplomats and other foreigners from Sudan in the days following the fighting erupted did a disservice to all those who have stayed and are main community attempts in the midst of conflict. This contains the support employees who experience day by day hazards in carrying out their work.

One particular of our Mercy Corps project officers in Qadarif, named Ghalia, advised me, “Despite a deficiency of dollars, the high price tag of essential products, my fears of getting rid of my family members in Khartoum all through this disaster, and difficulties in reaching the people today we aid, we are doing our very best to continue to keep our jobs operating.”

Quite a few Sudanese help employees, like Ghalia, think that there is hope for a better Sudan. We simply cannot allow them down.

Sibongani Kayola
Port Sudan
The author is state director for Sudan for Mercy Corps.

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